651 E. Prescott Ave.
Salina, KS 67401
Phone: 785.825.7251


Top left to right

Teresa Nunez, MD - KU Salina

Kendra Reith, MD - KU Wichita

Autumn Weir, MD
KU Wichita

Bottom left to right

Stephen Moll, MD
KU Kansas City

Ryan Weir, MD
KU Wichita


Smoky Hill

Family Medicine
Residency Program

Program Director
Dr. Robert Freelove



Community Based

It's what we believe and it's what we teach.

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Our Team

For over the last thirty years, Smoky Hill Family Medicine Residency Program has produced dedicated, well-trained family physicians serving rural Kansas communities. The state of Kansas established Smoky Hill by legislative mandate in 1977 for this express purpose and since that time we have placed 94% of our graduates in rural communities.