Salary & Benefits

Our salary and benefits package rivals those of other residency programs across the state. From day one, residents enjoy paid time off, holidays, and continued education/professional development. Health, dental, term life, long term disability, and professional liability are all part of our insurance options. In addition to personal benefits, residents have the option to extend insurance coverage for spouses and children at an extra cost, and Flexible Spending Accounts are available for uninsured medical expenses or dependent daycare expenses. Other benefits include a cell phone stipend, moving expenses, industry memberships, local business discounts, and a meal voucher system for residents to use while on call and during noon conference.

Salary for 2022-2023



Other Benefits

Meal Voucher System
Available for resident use while on call and during noon conference

Cell Phone Allowance
Monthly cell phone allowance provided for texting

Optional at Resident’s Expense

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